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Header Challenge Rules Change

It's come to my attention that my condition that the source pictures for the header challenge not be from paparazzi photos might make things a little hard. Mostly thanks to Mr. I-Won't-Be-Photographed-With-Her Monaghan. Aside from the Golden Globes, Monte Carlo and German photos, there is not much out there to use. And frankly, dozens of headers made from the same photo every time (while artistic challenging) might be a little boring. So, we need to open the field somewhat.

If the photo has been published in a mag or something, then feel free to use it. And I am not going to be the picture nazi and try to uncover where the pic came from or what the source was. I just don't have the time or the will. Use your best judgment- as I know you can- and have fun!

First Quarterly Header Contest!
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