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monalilly's Journal

Dom ♥ Evangeline
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This community is dedicated to the fanfiction based relationship between Dominic Monaghan and Evangeline Lilly from Lost.

monalilly :
• Fanfiction, images and graphics ONLY. For general discussion please see the recommended links below.
• For questions and comments contact a maintainer -- do not post them.

Fan Fiction :
• The header must contain a title, rating, disclaimer, and any appropriate warnings [death, extreme violence, unusual kinks].
• Stories must be behind a lj-cut.
• If applicable, include links to previous chapters.
• It is recommended to use a beta reader prior to posting.
• Comments are encouraged, flaming is not tolerated.

Images & Graphics:
• Do not hotlink.
• Multiple images must be behind a lj-cut.
• Items must include Dom and Evangeline together.

Links :
• Lost news and discussion lost_tv castaways
• Lost character fanfic lost_fanfic ficinabottle
• Dominic Monaghan dominic_daily domgasm
• Evangeline Lilly lilly_daily evangelinefans

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