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Hi! New here!

Hey y'all, I ish joining because I love both Evangeline AND Dom, Dom especially. He was my favorite on Lord of the Rings, and I think it's great that he has a love interest. Especially someone so gorgeous and funny as Evangeline Lilly (Am I spelling this wrong?).

So, is it true that Dom proposed to her? I heard about it, but...I'm not sure. If it IS true, then I'm really excited! ^.^
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It is rumoured, but neither have said anything about it.
Well Dom sort of hinted that he was dating Evangeline so thats a step but no ones confirmed it.. but I think it might be true

im new too btw... forgot to introduce myself
I hope they are too. :D


January 29 2006, 17:20:39 UTC 12 years ago

i am not happy i love dom and he is so fit in lost and lord of the rings but i am happy that they are both togetha and they are getting married :)